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Durbanville 12

The wine makers in our Valley are famous for producing outstanding Sauvignon Blanc. Each year they team up to produce The Durbanville Twelve Sauvignon Blanc. The wine reflects the unique Durbanville terroir and tells a story of community and comradery. This wine is a first for South Africa: a single wine from a single varietal in a single wine area.

Every year in February on a specific date each winemaker delivers one ton of grapes to a central location. The grapes are hand-harvested in the early morning and are sourced from a variety of soil types and slopes.

Each farmer contributes a ton of grapes

Grapes arriving at the cellar from the farms

The Valley is one of the coolest wine regions due to the proximity to the Atlantic Ocean, as well as the cooling morning mists that roll into the Valley during the ripening period.

The grapes are hand-harvested in the early morning before being crushed and de-stemmed reductively. Twelve hours of skin contact is followed by a cool fermentation at 12 – 140 Celsius. The wine remains on the lees for 7 months and is stirred up once a week to enhance mouth feel and concentration.

The grapes combined about to be crushed

The fermentation process begins

The wine was released in October 2016 at our annual Season of Sauvignon festival. The wine is now available at the Wine Tasting rooms of each of the twelve farms at R85 per bottle.

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